In order to provide the best quality Herbal & Organic surfactant products and Herbal & Organic health and beauty products, “Riches Laboratories” was established in Bengaluru


-Smt.Nityashree Swamy

Smt.Nityashree Swamy holds an M BA in Marketing and Finance, and heads Riches Laboratories as C.E.O. (M.D?)

Smt. Nityashree Swamy has a working experience of 10 years with ANZ Bank Australia and New Zealand. She later Bank before joining her father’s chemicals and lab equipment business.

-Shri.C.G. Nara sirnhaswamy

Shri.C.G. Nara sirnhaswamy has mo re than 25 manufacturing and supplies of Laboratory instrument, oven, incubator, furnace, cleaning chemicals, laboratory apparatus etc. he deals with pharmaceutical and educational institutions.

Our Story

Once, Nityashree got an dealership offer for non-herbal cosmetic products manufactured by a well-known company. When she analysed the product ingredient, she realised that the products contain chemicals that are harmful to the human body.

That realization made her to start her own herbal and organic health and beauty products manufacturing company.

Once decided to venture into manufacturing, she joined soap making classes to gain more knowledge, did an extensive study and research and took help of her in-house ayurvedic doctor to make the formulae.

How We Make Our Products

One of the highlights of Riches Laboratories is that it believes in as little intervention of machineries as possible. There are two benefits of it. One, every piece of these product has a human touch to it and two, it creates more job opportunities for the younger generation. The team Nesar believes that it is the responsibility of every entrepreneur to create as many job opportunities as possible.


Quality Herbal & Organic health & beauty products at affordable prices


There has been a pseudoscientific propaganda to promote chemical based international brands over the invaluable Natural, Ayurvedic and Herbal products.

Our Values

Using as less machinery as possible and creating as many jobs possible for our artisans (or skilled workers or craftsmen/craftswomen).

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