From the heart by our Founder about Eco-friendly products and vision for Nesar

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Women are leaving no page unturned to be part of successful businesses in the current era. Nityashree also broke those norms and founded “Riches Laboratories”, established in Bengaluru in the year 2016. She had inherited knowledge about chemicals used in cosmetics from her father’s business and always had growing unease about those harsh chemicals and their effects on our skin in the long run. She was and is passionate about ayurvedic Indian formulations for skincare as well as hair products, did her groundwork and established a skin-friendly brand “Nesar”.

Gone are those days where consumers see colorful products from advertisements and use them on their skin. They have become more conscious about what ingredients are present in those products and are they taking a toll on their sensitive skin. Nithyashree, as a woman understood consumer need and came up with a skincare/ hair care line that does not harm our skin in any away and at the same time produce amazing results on the skin by reversing the damage done with the help of Ayurveda. 
Non-herbal soaps and shampoos in the marketplace use parabens, betems, sulphates, etc. The premature hair fall and graying that the present generation is facing is the result of these harsh chemicals, which no company publically confesses. In fact, they build their economy counting on the fact that we buy again to hide that damage. 

‘Nesar’ extracts its source formulae from Ayurveda and fuses them with contemporary but natural and herbal health products to pack a present-day compatible beauty product for you. 

Here are some interesting facts from my interview with her: 

Mounika: Can you please familiarize us with ‘NESAR’.

Nithya: Riches Laboratories operates under the brand ‘NESAR’. NESARA is SUN in Kannada Language. It represents the most important source of energy for any natural and herbal being and to the Lifecycle itself. Hence I wanted women to feel the same way that positive energy is radiated into their life through a healthy body. ‘Nesar’ is into manufacturing of health and beauty products such as organic homemade soaps, face wash, body butter lotions, lip balms and shampoos, using natural ingredients and extracts.

NESAR range of products is as follows: 

Why did you decide to go into business?

My father Mr.C.G.Narsimha Swamy runs a successful business for about 25 years and hence I always wanted to join him in the business. But before doing so, after completing my MBA started working with ANZ ( Australia & New Zealand) Bank as an analyst and resigned as a Team Leader after 8 + years. While you are working for a company you realize that you are bounded only to the process documents and started to feel like a frog in a well. I knew it was not my passion and decided to quit and join my dad in business.

What is the motivation behind getting started in this Line?

In the initial days, I realized the kind of harmful chemicals that gets into cosmetic products and at the same time, I did receive an opportunity to be a trader for non-herbal cosmetics. But after checking in the ingredients, I decided to start my own manufacturing unit for developing the products with less or no chemicals and get consumers closer to the herbal approach.

What are the challenges you face in the production?

Challenges are always a part of any department. Usually, any business will always have issues pertaining to Finance, Legal issues, Defining the processes and labor shortage. In some circumstances, we face raw materials shortage due to nonavailability as some herbs are seasonal or rare and also all the factors pertaining to the rates prevailing in the market as we have to provide “the best” to consumers but at a competitive rate. 

How do you ensure the quality of the product?

Once the production is completed, we do internal testing of our products and then later send it to the external lab test house for regressively testing our products on various parameters. Only after we get a report from the test houses we release the products into the market. If our internal testing fails we then ensure that the entire batch has to be reprocessed.

What motivates you to keep working on it?

The responses that I get from my customers keeps me motivated. There are
customers who provide me honest feedback about our products and when they tell me that they have found the product very effective, it makes me feel happy and very proud of our products.

What is the vision of the company?

Our Vision is to provide “Quality products at affordable prices”.

Do you feel like giving up?

In the initial days, did feel it a couple of time but kept pulling myself up as the main purpose of setting up a company is not to give up. So today when I look back and see I would never want to give up. Nesar has been an integral part of me and now is the time for me to take it to higher levels.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs who want to start out?

Have a clear vision in mind as to which area of business you would want to start the journey. In the initial days do not have different verticals but focus only on one. It’s like raising a child, have loads of patience and nurture it. You will be able to relish the fruit of success. Do what is right at the right time. Also, be very cautious with the investments you make. Invest in the right things at the right time. Be bold and wise in taking decisions.

If you would start again what would you do differently?

Change is constant. If we are not ready for change then the world will leave us to move ahead. With the COVID -19 situation, where all the businesses are at a halt stage across the globe, we would have to look out or create strategies to build in the businesses once again from the start. Now I am in a state to start it from scratch with sustainable products and it has to be very close to nature.