Body Butter

Specification :

Body butters is a term used to describe nutrient dense creams that hydrate your skin.? Body butters are one of the absolute best ways to nourish your skin. Benefits of Body butters include: 1. Moisturizes skin?? 2. Forms a protective layer around the skin 3. Reduces Wrinkles 4. Helps soothe skin rashes, sunburn and eczema 5. Contains beneficial antioxidants like vitamin C, E & A 6. Moisture eliminates any sign of dry, chapped skin and leaves skin feeling smooth and renewed. 7. Spend less and get high quality moisturizer Natural skin care is an easy and effective way to keep the body?s biggest organ healthy and vibrant.? By adding a body butter to a skin care routine, the skin will stay hydrated, healthy and youthful looking.

Rs. 270

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